Dance Writer Conditioning Program. 

Do you want to gain technical ability to improve your fitness and dance? We will get you there!

Program Duration: Term / Half Year / Full Year

Program Aim: Technique, Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility, Coordination

Cost: $250 per Term / $450 per Half Year / $800 per Full Year

Location: Bayside

Audition required for entry? No



Dance Writer Conditioning Program is a fierce new course designed to give dancers of all ages the platform for elite dance tuition. Trained by qualified and experienced dance coaches, our company members receive high quality dance technique training that is rooted in the
foundations of strength, flexibility and coordination.
The program focuses on providing an individualised approach to dance technique by developing strength, coordination and flexibility for dancers to achieve their personal best. Each week, dancers participate in a Pilates and Matwork class, a Classical Ballet class and
a Jazz Technique class in order to achieve strong foundations in all styles of dance performance.


At the commencement of every Term, dancers compile a list of goals that they wish to achieve with Dance Writer. Our training staff work with dancers in small groups to ensure those goals are achieved. These goals are targeted at leaps, turns, and kicks (classical and jazz techniques) to ensure our dancers are equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to enter their next learning chapter.


Depending on intake numbers, all students will be divided into groups according to their ability level and age. Private lessons are also available with any member of staff for an additional cost.


Do you want to Find Your Fierce with Dance Writer Company?