Dance Writer Company FAQ

Is Dance Writer Company a dance school for recreational students?

No, we are not a dance school. Dance Writer Company is designed to push dancers who are already enrolled in dance classes at their own dance studio or who participate in fitness classes at least twice a week. Dance Writer Company is a program for dancers to develop their technique and exposure to our professional industry in a safe and nurturing format.

What programs are on offer?

Junior Performance Program – 5-9 years. No Audition. Works towards a showcase. 

Youth Performance Program – 10-18 years. Audition. Works towards a showcase. 

Senior Performance Program – 18+ years. Audition. Works towards a showcase. 

Technique Enhancement Program – all ages. No Audition. Works towards skill and goals. (New in 2021)

Do you have musical theatre programs or singing?
No specific program solely dedicated to Musical Theatre however we do have a singing director who helps to incorporate singing into our showcases. Private singing is available at an additional cost.
Where is Dance Writer Company based?
Chelsea Heights (Casey Priddle Dancers).
Can I apply for more than one program?
If you are interested in multiple dance performance programs, you are welcome to apply for both but you must pick one performance program if accepted. For example, if you are 18 years of age but prefer to be in the Youth program, we will make this decision based on your ability and request. However, you can do both the Technique Enhancement program (launching 2021) and the Performance Program in tandem.
When does Dance Writer Company rehearse?
Every Sunday. Juniors are in the morning, Youth mid morning and Seniors in the afternoon.
How is the program going to run during COVID?
We are adhering to the health and safety standards determined by the Victorian Government. With a Health and Safety Officer working closely with our director and students, our priority is ensuring the wellbeing and welfare of our students. We will work towards a performance showcase but dates may change due to theatre availability, or in the worst case scenario, a second wave. We have sanitation stations in place, traffic control and no shared food platters while our director is COVID protection trained.
If I am in the program, is it compulsory to do the additional performances like VDF and Masters?
No! We keep this optional as the rehearsal requirement is an extra hour after normal scheduled rehearsal time.
What if I don’t feel comfortable doing a particular dance style?
That is perfectly fine! We strongly encourage you to hone your strengths in that favoured dance style while also gently exposing you to new dance styles. However, you are picked for different dance routines so you can request to only be in certain dance styles.
Are parents allowed to watch rehearsals?
Unfortunately we do not allow parents to watch but they can enjoy the showcase at the end of the season.
Is Dance Writer Company really strict?
Dance Writer Company focuses on developing resilience and confidence within each dancer. We are by no means ‘strict’ but we do maintain high standards and expectations to ensure our dancers are well prepared and behaved for a constructive dance rehearsal. We do not tolerate bullying, bad behaviour, discrimination, profanity or poor attendance.
If accepted, do I have to buy merchandise?
The only compulsory merchandise is the jacket. This jacket is required to be worn at all times to and from rehearsals, at competitions and performances. We do have shorts, crop tops and leggings available for purchase. Merchandise is not included in the tuition cost.
Are there payment options available?
Yes! If you cannot pay upfront, we offer installments to easy the burden of costs. Speak to our director to find out more.
What if my child has an injury?
We adhere to safe dance practices to ensure our students are rehearsing in an appropriate manner that reduces the risk of injury. Our Junior Artistic Director is an Osteopath in training and can assist in injury prevention. All of our teachers are first aid qualified.

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