The Dance Writer Difference 

Dance Writer Company is a leader in youth dance education. We take pride in our students, ensuring they are happy, spirited and fierce in both their dancing and personal journeys.


Dance Writer Company is a home where challenge and choice create opportunities for every student to discover their passion and identity.

Our Company has built an outstanding reputation for quality teaching and excellence, enabling students to develop with confidence and artistry.

Our personalised learning and highly skilled and qualified coaches provide inspiration to each student to achieve their personal best in the dance studio and beyond in the industry.

What makes us the perfect choice for your child is our nurturing and creative approach to teaching and learning. Our teaching philosophy is centred around the student, offering the best possible welfare and experience for them to thrive. 

Our Enhancement program includes one-to-one training sessions and endorses safe dance practice to the highest standards. Our program is certified by health and fitness professionals to ensure the safety of every dancer. 

Our Performance program offers industry-standard exposure for brands including VDF, Masters of Choreography, Jump Dance Challenge, Dance Writer Charity Gala, Dance Aid and so much more. They learn the ability to master several dance styles and develop artistry and character. 


Do you want to Find Your Fierce with Dance Writer Company?